Benefits of Pilates

People who practice Pilates regularly report many benefits, some of which include:
  • Better posture
  • Stress relief and improved mental acuity
  • Increased strength, flexibility, and endurance
  • Toning up and slimming down
  • More energy and a sense of calm
  • Improved performance in sports and dance

The Top 10 Ways Pilates Will Improve Your Body and Your Life

  • 10. A complete head to toe workout, that encompasses every major muscle group in the body.
  • 9. Strengthens muscles that need strengthening and stretches muscles that need stretching.
  • 8. Improves your balance, coordination, posture and breath. (That's 4 reasons in one!)
  • 7. Anyone of any fitness level, from the lifelong couch potato to the professional athlete can learn and benefit from it.
  • 6. Reduces stress, increases energy levels and makes you feel good.
  • 5. Improves mental capacity. Pilates is one of the original "mind-body" methods, using concentration and focus to perform the movements with maximum efficiency.
  • 4. Cardio - One of the core principles is "flow"... which essentially means moving smoothly from one exercise to the next with a minimum of motion. Working at an intermediate or above level can be a heart-pumping experience.
  • 3. Helps to prevent, improve the symptoms of, or slow the progression of many degenerative diseases such as arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes and heart disease.
  • 2. Helps relieve and/or prevent back pain and injury, by developing the "powerhouse" muscles of the stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs, which in turn provides a strong foundation of support for the spine.

  • And the #1 way Pilates will improve your body and your life...
  • To quote Joseph Pilates himself, "Eez gud for zie body!" And I would add …and the mind and spirit!

What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise method for people who want to look better, feel better and move better! Developed by Joseph Pilates in the1920’s, it emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness in order to support efficient, graceful movement. It can be done on the floor as “mat” work or on a series of special Pilates “apparatus”.

Either way, one of the best things about Pilates is that it works so well for a wide range of people. Whether you are a seasoned athlete looking to improve your game and avoid injuries, a woman planning for a healthy pregnancy, or a lifelong couch potato looking to ease into a more active lifestyle, Pilates can help. Many doctors and physical therapists are now referring patients to Pilates, as it is also a very effective way to rehab from injuries and surgeries.

Pilates Mat

The foundation of Pilates is a series of exercises performed on a mat. The mat work emphasizes quality and precision rather than quantity of repetitions. Each exercise, performed in sequence, is designed not only to strengthen and stretch but to integrate your body's muscles so that correct form and posture become a part of your daily activities throughout life. The mat work teaches us that the most important tool to achieve physical fitness is the body itself.

At The Wellness Scoop, mat classes are limited to a maximum of eight participants, making them smaller than most Pilates classes out there, allowing the instructor to give you more personalized attention. Mats are provided, as well as other small props that may be used from time to time, such as weights, small barrels and magic circles.

View the current schedule of mat classes or register.

Pilates Apparatus

Joseph Pilates’ method also includes the use of his uniquely designed apparatus in conjunction with the mat work. The apparatus utilize straps, springs and supports, creating isometric resistance with the body's weight to massage, align, stretch, and strengthen muscles. The use of this equipment meeting Mr. Pilates' exacting specifications, is directly related to the ability to perform the exercises correctly and to achieving the full benefits of his method.

An apparatus lesson at The Wellness Scoop is a private, one-on-one training session in the fully-equipped studio, allowing maximum flexibility in putting together a session designed with your body and health goals in mind. You will also learn the mat exercises, so that you can combine your private lessons with a weekly group class, and / or practice the mat work on your own at home.

The Wellness Scoop studio has the following apparatus manufactured by Peak Pilates: Reformer, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, High Chair, Wunda Chair, small barrels, weights and Magic Circles.

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Which one is best for me?

There’s no one right answer for everyone. Many people do both… A once a week private lesson, one group class, and one or two home works is an excellent, well-rounded fitness regimen. If you have physical or medical issues, that severely limit your abilities, then you should really only consider private lessons. With time, dedication and the healing power of Pilates, you can potentially improve your physical abilities to be able to eventually participate in group classes as well.

For minor issues such as sore knees and bad backs, including herniated disks and sciatica, Pilates is also very rehabilitative and healing. Of course always check with you doctor first, and for certain conditions, the instructor may require a doctor’s written approval to proceed with Pilates. If you have specific questions or concerns about your participation in Pilates, check out the FAQs, or contact The Wellness Scoop for more information.

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